22.00 O clock, our first Saturday night in the US is
We ask information to a waiter about where we can find a
place for having a good time, and we jump on a subway for
following her suggestion. We arrive to Farragut North, a
chic residential area, and we wait in line out of the first
club that we found. But here I realized that I can not enter
anywhere, because I’m wearing shorts, and they don’t
want let me in…….and so we start to looking around for a
place that accepts my clothes, but nothing. Also me and
Tinto had a tough conversation about “how the people
suppose to wear”……anyway, we take a cab, and we ask to
the driver if he knows a bar where we can have fun, also if
we are not wearing a smoking, and with a big surprise, he
droop us of on a street full of bars and pubs really nice.
We tried four of them, drinking, dancing and having
fun………..at least until  2:30 am, when they turn on the
lights, and the securities start to push the people
out…..the party is over! We are pretty disappointed, but
in the US they have strong laws about it, all the bars close
at the same hour, and so we are coming at the hotel pretty

The Best way to go around Washington is the bike, we read
it, we followed it, and we confirm it!
At 11.00 am we rent tree bikes at “bikeandroll, at 1100 of
Pennsylvania Ave. We go straight to the “white House”,
and after a while we are right at “the big guy’s
We leave the bikes close to the fence, just for ten minutes,
for asking to somebody if  he can take a picture of us, when
an officer starts yelling to us. You can imagine, nobody of
us speaks a good English, and she is so pissed, she is
keeping to asking why we left the bike there, and in the
mean time She should ask for backups, because now there are
tree of them yelling to us…….we try to explain that we
are visitor from Italy, and we don’t know the
roles…….fortunately everything is ended well.

We keep going for our tour, which brings us to the
Washington Monument, the Lincoln memorial and the Thomas
Jefferson Memorial.
It was a sweet trip, trough lakes, parks and nice roads,
here you can small the “American pride”.

After this, we start back our trip, we have still a lot of
travel to do. After 2 hours, we are 150km far from
Pittsburgh (our 4th stops), in a Motel in the town of
Bedford (Judys Motel, 3521 of Business 220). We spend the
night in a typical American bar, with a pool table and a
jude box, really cute.
Now we are exhausted, the trip’s pace was really hard
until now, so we will try to slow down, and also stay out of


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