Bears and big lakes

I was felling to sleep in my super comfy sleeping bag, when
I heard Tito an Ric, talking with some one out of the tend.
They where talking about bears…..but I was not sure, end
so I came out to understand better. They were talking with
the camping owner, he’s say to be careful, because in that
area there are a couple of bears. After this is jumps on his
jeep, He says that is going to check them out.
I’m shocked, it is not so common for us “watch out from
the bears”, and so, I go to the check in to ask for more
details. He keeps saying that the bears are there for sure,
and He suggests us to keep the car’s radio on, so they
leave us alone. So, I ask him, if there are any chances that
they come to us when we are sleeping, and he smiles, and
says that there is a far chance.
So, 7 minutes later, we are leaving the camping and looking
for a motel.

This morning we arrived at Sudbury, a cute town, at 400 km
at Toronto’s North, it is famous for the Subdury Basin,
one of the biggest crater, caused from a meteorite never
discovered. The hole is huge, 62 km long, 30 Km width and
15km deeper: they suppose it is 1,85 billions year old.

So we went ahead,  through the big lakes, the roads are
pretty straights, and the area is uninhabited, the view is
just like in the movies. The beautiful weather of today,
highlights the greats colour.

We are into the wild, we are on the roads, we are where we
want, and we wanted to be when we arrange the trip.

With Google maps, we found a place to spend on a beach,
North Channel, the closest town is Thompson on the 17th
road, that from Sudbury brings you to Sault Ste Marie.

We lighted a fire, build the tend inside a cabin that during
the summer here they use like dressing room. Today we went
in a camping shop, for buying some equipments, and we asked
information about “keeping th bears away”: they
suggested us a pepper spray for bears, to be honest I
don’t want to stay so close to a Grizzly to spray him


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