Cleveland and Buffalo

Hi Guys! Yesterday, after a week of Hot dogs and snacks, we
went for a stylish restaurant (XO Prime steaks,  at 500 W.
Di St clair), fish, meet, Italian red wine and…..a very
salty check! That’s fine, sometime you have to do it.
After the dinner Ric and Tito went to a bar for a couple of
drinks, but I was exhausted, and I went to the hotel, also
because I had to take care of the blog.

This morning, in Cleveland, we visited the Rock’n Roll
Hall of fame, it’s a museum with instruments, clothes,
pictures and other stuff about the players that wrote the
story of American music. Being close to the John Lennon
piano, and thinking the he use to use it to play
“imagine” was really touchy. And it was  also reading
from the paper where Jimmy Hendrix wrote “purple Haze”,
or watching the Eric Clapton guitar.

The pictures were not allowed here, but we took them anyway,
someone of us was really careful to do it (like with the
cell phone), somebody else not (like with a reflex camera!),
we never tell you how was of us, but I can tell you the they
kicked him out! (here they are not kidding).
And today we took also our first ticket, shit can happen!

Later, we said bye to Cleveland, and we moved to Buffalo, to
the Canada border, it’s the closest city to the Niagare
falls. We used, for finding a place to spend the
night. It’s a nice Motel, very close to the falls (at 6831
of Niagara Falls Blvd). Tomorrow is the show time!

Thank you everybody for keeping to follow us!


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