From Pittsburgh to Cleveland

Thank you for your chiose! If you want the Niagara
waterfalls, let’s do this!
Buffalo and the Famous falls beat Detroit 13-7. We are happy
too, we would have been pretty upset to not see one of the
most amazing show of the nature. Now we can tell you that
Detroit is considered one o fthe most unsafe city of US
(this from a FBI study, based of the number of homicides,
rapes, cars stoles and violence per year). So this could be
a good excuse to not be sorry about not having been in the
“Eminem’s and car’s companies’ City”.
After the night in the motel, (we slept in a smoking room,
it seams to me like sleeping in a ashtray) we went to the
Andy Warhol Museum, the Pop Art King. He was kind of weirdo,
really eclectic, and in the seven floors dedicated to him,
you can find pictures, paints, papers articols and so
on…… do not miss this museum if you pass through
The last walk around the city for some promotion (thanks
sponsors!)………and move on the Cleveland in Ohio, our
5th city.
Just a quick consideration: the Americans eat everything,
everywhere! It’s kind of weird for us. The snacks’
boxies are huge, you can find food everywhere, and
everywhere you can see fat people……but everybody thinks
coca cola light 🙂

We arrived at Cleveland a couple of hours ago, we are
sleeping at the Travelodge Cleveland Lake Hotel, at 11837 of
Edgew Drive (we found it on the Travelodge web site, 58 USD
for a triple room). Now we are going out for taking dinner
(hopefully fish).


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