Last day in NY

As anticipated, here there is the telling about how we spent
our last day in NY!
A quick breakfast at the starbucks and straight to the
Statue of liberty……….or at least we thought so, but we
took the wrong ferry, and it drooped us of to the Staten
Island….there wasn’t enough time on our schedule to come
back, but the ferry passed closed to the statue anyway, and
we had the change to take some pictures…….by the way, we
just passed trough the Highway exit, and we didn’t note
that we were in a “special line”, where you should pay
with your bank account or something like that, so basically
we didn’t pay. I guess we suppose to receive the ticket
some days .
Coming back at what happened yesterday, after passed the
Brooklyn bridge, we when to Central park, a little spot of
green into the city. There, everybody runs, young, olds,
kids, girls…..everybody. Almost all with the I-pod. We
whished to rent a bike, but it was really cold, and so we
just walk around.
Later, we went for a quickly look to the Broadway and Time
square, and after this, straight to the Madison square
garden for the NHL game! NY Vs Tampa Bay.
It was amazing! Here the fights are allowed, basically when
the players drop the stick down, they can beat each other,
and nobody stops them, until one of them is down on the ice.
The Madison is huge, every floor has its own stores, Hot-dog
sellers, restaurants and the game is really a good show, and
the people enjoyed even if the NY lost for 2-4.

After, we spent the night in Manhattan, at the SOB (204 of
Varick street), It is a Hip-Hop/R&B club, there was a band,
they played  with instrument, not electronic bit, of course
the people was mostly black, and the girls were really hot.

And so our last day in the Big Apple is gone, this morning
we went to the Bronx (really underground, but pretty clean
and safe), and to the Yankee Stadium, just right before to
leave the city.

Readers choice N1

As anticipated, now is your turn to help us! Tomorrow we
will be to Washington, but we don’t know if spent the
night there or in Pittsburgh so…………. post your
choice for us!


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