New Mexico and Arizona

Wow, what places man! Today I’m talking about 800km the
New Mexico’s and Arizona’s Desert.
We left this morning, about 9 am after talking to radio club
103, and we went to west, on the Highway 40 and some time on
the route 66. We stopped few times, for taking some
After  70 miles from Alburque, we meet a bicycle bikers from
Ohio, he is going to Las Vegas. A 1000 miles trip! with a
couple of backpacks and a tend. He told us, how the wind
against him, lets him lose few hours, and how much the
desert could be cold during the nigth. We wanted give him
some X-Ide sunglasses  and a t-shirt, but he was ok, and he
didn’t want more weigh. So we left him with a big “good
We have the “on the road people philosophy”, and we
enjoyed the roads, the views, and we didn’t take care of
the place which we are going to. As Jack Kerouac teaches!
Here some funny signs, that we found by the way.

We stopped for a quick lunch, and we moved over to Arizona,
we left the High way, for riding the Route 66 for a few Kms.
This was the wildest part of this road, and of course the
most beautiful one.

You don’t need so muck creativity, to imagine, through the
dust, indians riding free with the wind on their faces, or
later, powerful Harley Davidson that consume the road…..

With a good sound track, we felt like in a movie and here
you can see what we meet by the way…..

After Gallup (New Messico), we arrived in Arizona, and from
there we pointed to North, at the Monument Valley, more in
detail at Kayenta.

In this Area you can find indian’s reserve, there are just
a few, some broken trailers here and there, it’s
incredible and sad how, one of the most beautiful
American’s culture, is now.

Going up to North the view changes a bit, but you can not
see the end of the road yet.

After 10 hour on the road, we are really tired, but the
sunset’s light on the Rocks of the Arizona desert, pays us
At 8 pm we arrived in Utah and we stops in a Motel.
We are at 30Km from the monument valley and at 350 from the
Big Canyon, we will be there tomorrow.

Talking about the accident in Oklaoma, today they arrested
the girl that was driving the car. Now she is in the jail,
and we will keep you update about the next step.
Law is done!

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