Niagara Falls

We waked up at 9:30 for the broadcast with Radio club 103,
shower, and the breakfast of champions and later……we
went to the falls.
Yesterday we asked for a couple of hints to the Motel guy,
because the area is huge, and we wanted to stay focused on
the best things. So we started, with a Map, heavy clothes
and fortunately we found a free parking for the car. We
continued on foot from there, to the first view stop “Cave
of Winds”. It was a nice walk to the wood, and the view
was great!
The water falls are combined from tree different falls,
became from the same river, the Niagara. They start from the
Canadian side, with the “Horseshoe Falls”, after we have
the “American Falls”, from the US side, and the smallest
Brindal Veil falls. (you can see these last ones in the
picture up).
They are not so high, but the water quantity is huge, and
they pass you an indescribable energy and a force.
There is a trial that brings you through the best points of

Also there is the opportunity to take a boat, that brings
you close to the falls, the ticket is 12 USD (well spent).
Before go on the boat, they give you a rain coat, and 10
minutes later you can start felling the adrenal in your
veins…… really hard for me describe it with the

Curiosity: “Niagara falls miracle” Roger Woodward, a kid
6 years old, jumped into the fall with a life belt, and he
come out perfectly safe.

Great day, great experience, a great nature show!


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