What happen in Vegas…

This is what they say here, “what happen in Vegas, stays
in Vegas”, I don’t wonder why, the city’s nickname is
“Sin City”. Then, is understandable that we can not tell
everything is happened here.
So, today we let the pictures speak as well.

After passing the Hoover Dam, cool Dam of Colorado’s
……..we entered in the Nevada Desert…….here in the
middle of nowhere , there is Las Vegas!
The downtown is the Strip, the Boulevad, where there are the
most famous Hotels and Casinos.
We are Italians, so the Venetian really impressed us, San
Marco square, and Rialto‘s Bridge are almost like the real
ones in Venice.

You don’t want miss the evening show with the fountains in
front of Bellagio.

Also if there are thousand of Hotels and casinos in Vegas,
they continue to build, the economy of the city is growing
and growing, and they don’t care of the crisis that is
hitting the USA.

Vegas is alive 24/7, the Casinos are always full, always
traffic on the main roads, and you can see a lot of money
spin around here…….It’s madness!

After going around like tourists, we are ready for the
night……sunglasses, some bucks in the pocket, and a good
sigar! Mission: blow out Vegas!

We walked through the Bellagio, MGM, Flaminio, Imperial and
the Venetian. Poker, Roulette and slots machines were our
favourite games. No so much money of course, because here
you can play heavy, if you want, and losing a lot of money.
Go away from a Texan Hold’em at Bellagio without a screech
is not a joke, but Tinto did easily!

The rest of the story “stays in Vegas”.

After a couple of hours of sleep, we left again to the
ocean, 450 km and we are in front of the LA skyscrapers! We
are exhausted, but we are on the west coast……is amazing.


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