Day and Night in Chicago

Hi guys, as promise you, here, we are saying what happened
in this week end in CHicago.
Saturday morning we looking for a another Hotel, because our
one was full for the next night, and so we chose an usual
Motel of the chain, Motel 6 (at 9408 of West Lawrence
Avenue, at Schiller Park, about 25 Km from down town). After
this, go to the city!

We called our trip “Usa & Canada on the road”, taking
inspiration from the great book of Jack Kerouac, which was
one of the symbol of the beat Generation.
So, the destiny wanted that in this period in Chicago, there
is a show about the beat generation, called “and the beat
go on…”.
Fortunately, I’m used to take a look always to the local
news papers when I’m travelling, and so we didn’t miss
this opportunity.
The show was small, but very nice and was focused on the
Kerouac’s Book. This book is wrote on a telex paper roll,
36 m long, and in the 2001 was sold in auction for more then
2 Milion USD.
“on the road” is not just a book, but for a lot of
people is a life style, a way to travel, a way to be.

Later we went to the History museum, but they were closing
and we skip it and went straight to down town, where you can
find the Sears Tower, the highest skyscraper of USA:
We found a nice pub, drank a couple of beers, and walked
around the city. Chicago is amazing, full of lights, clean,
organize. For tree days we had good weather whit a lovely

We finished our night at the coyote Ugly Saloon, a place
really hot and fun. There are 12 of these around US. Here we
had a great time, but this is other story.


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